Who We Are

WineAlpha (名酒鑑) was founded in 2012 by Charles Curtis MW. This advisory service was originally founded to provide appraisals of fine and rare wine in instances where precise valuation and adherence to high standards and a professional code of conduct are important.  Divorce, estate planning and probate litigation, the collateralization of wine as an asset for lenders, and insurance settlements all require professional, USPAP-compliant appraisals.

Curtis is a wine appraiser with unique credentials: he is a certified member of the Appraiser’s Association of America, the former head of department at Christie’s auction house, both in New York and in Hong Kong), and a Master of Wine, the wine trade’s highest certification.  Clients include high-profile private collectors, attorneys and financial institutions.

WineAlpha will help you leverage Curtis’s contacts throughout the fine wine trade, from auction houses to brokers, merchants, and private collectors to efficiently liquidate wine collections.  This will enable you to maximize return for all stakeholders by ably negotiating top prices as well as the most favorable terms and conditions for these often complex sale agreements.

WineAlpha also provides custom solutions for companies in and around the wine trade: most recently Curtis was appointed as the Burgundy Consultant to Zachys Auction and Retail, and he has worked on projects as diverse as the launching Coravin in Europe and Asia, sourcing private label champagne, and providing a detailed analysis of U.S. distribution channels and partners for brands seeking to enter the U.S. market.  We invite your inquiry for more information on the full range of possibilities,